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In Futisklubi, 3-12 years old children can play football just the way they are. It doesn't matter if you have played many years or if this will be your first touch to the ball. There is Prince and Princess football for 3-5 year olds and neighborhood teams for 5-12 year olds.

3-5 years old (born 2018-2020): Prince and Princess football

One football practice per week in Pirkkahalli (Ilmailunkatu 20) from end of May to end of August. The training groups will be divided by age. For three year old children we have a child-parent-group. Prince and Princess football costs 80€ and it includes an insurance and a game shirt.

5-12 years old (born 2010-2017): Futisklubi's neighborhood teams

Neighborhood teams practice in their own neighborhood (Hervanta, Härmälä, Kaleva, Kaukajärvi, Lentävänniemi, Olkahinen, Pispala, Ruutana, Takahuhti, Tesoma) and play games against the other neighborhoods. Two meetings per week from May to beginning of September (either two practises or one practice and a gamenight). There will be also two tournaments (June and August saturday) during the summer. In July we have a summer break. This summer hobby costs 160€ and it includes all practices and games, an insurance and a game suit (shirt, shorts and socks).

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Prince and Princess football

Neighborhood teams

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