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TPV's Football Club is excited to announce a renewal, now offering children aged 3-12 a fun, welcoming environment to engage with football across five zones: City, West, East, South, and Ruutana. With regular practices on our dedicated fields, the revamp introduces game nights - monthly events fostering excitement, joy, and camaraderie, giving young players more time to hone their skills and gain match experience. Each zone has a dedicated coach ensuring consistent coaching and inspiring practices, acting as supportive mentors present at every session to ensure personalized attention for each child. TPV's Football Club now operates all year round, allowing join-in at any time and the possibility to participate specifically in the summer or winter season, providing flexible engagement with the sport throughout the year.

3-5 years old (born 2019-2021): Ballclub (Pallokerho)

One football practice per week in Pirkkahalli, or Tapiolanpuisto or Ruutana from end of May to end of August. Players are divided into either 'Parent-Child' or 'Child-Only' groups by parents request.

6-12 years old (born 2010-2017): Futisklubi's neighborhood teams

Players of the Football Club train at their local area's practices twice a week. In addition, mini tournaments (Game Nights) are held about once a month. The activity begins in week 20 and continues until the end of September. Alternatively, there's an option for year-round participation if you choose so.

This summer hobby costs 205€ and it includes all practices and games, an insurance and a game suit (shirt, shorts and socks).



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